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Getting Antsy...

So, I bought a car. Actually, I ordered a car. For those who don't know, I ordered a 2008 Ford Mustang. I settled on the V6 instead of the GT, but whatever. I'm buying eye candy.

Anyway, I ordered it several weeks ago, and have been waiting ever since. The dealership called and told me it would get here sometime during the week of Sept 2nd, but when I went to talk to them last Thursday, they said it was on a train already.

Now I'm getting really impatient. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this thing. It started as a kind of "Welcome to the Real World" and also a "Life sucks, do something nice for yourself" thing. Now it has become a "It's about time" kinda thing.

Funny how something that was originally meant to take my mind off of things and help me just enjoy life is now making me so crazy. Kinda like every girl I've ever dated....

Go to Hell!

So, my friend Joel did a post on his blog about his own personal hell. Rather than just comment on his blog, I figured I'd make a post of my own about it. (What? I'm supposed to be original?)

So, in my own personal hell, nobody, including myself would ever shower. People would smell like mold. Everyone would also be coughing and sniffling all the time. People would drive 10 mph below the speed limit, and they would go side-by-side, so you couldn't pass. Everyone would be 20 minutes late, but events would always start on time. I'd always have to wait for them. Bench seats would not allow enough room for someone with shoulders like mine to sit comfortably... I'd have to hunch over.

.... This is starting to sound like a typical work day for me.....

Yeah, as if you even noticed.

So, I haven't posted in a while. I've been out of town. What's it to you?

Me, me, ME!

I am WAY too literally minded. When somebody tells me they'll call me back in five minutes, I'm checking my watch four minutes and forty-five seconds later. When I leave a message for somebody to call me, I keep my cell phone in hand for an hour after, waiting for the call.

At the same time, I exaggerate beyond belief. If somebody has told me to do something twice, I'll complain that they told me five times already. If I've been waiting for ten minutes, I'll whine that it has been half an hour.

This started as a post about the dual nature people can sometimes have, but now as I look at it, I realize it's just selfishness. My little world revolves around me, and apparently, I have a problem when other people don't revolve around me as well.

There's an eye-opener at 9 am.