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So like everything else in life that requires consistent updating, (journals, laundry, tax information) I have failed in keeping up with the blog as well. I just get involved in other things and tell myself that I'll get to it later. I have a journal with one entry. Seriously.

Anyway, here's the month in review: I played a lot of video games, ate a lot of burgers, and got a total of about 16 hours of sleep.

I've been working on a ton of new hardware for work. We got 10 new servers and put them in a data center. I've been in charge of getting that all set up.

I also started an application process to work for Cisco next year in North Carolina. I'm going to San Jose next week for the final interview, so we'll see how that goes.

See? Why post a hundred times when I can smack it all out in one post?

Just kidding, I'll try to repent.