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More Pictures

Here's some of the work Dan's been doing at my house.

Also, a couple I forgot to put up last time: My dining nook and spiral staircase:

And, just for good measure, a picture of me after the pie-eating contest at work:

Dancingmoose vs Skinforhair

I need to pick a facebook username. Do I go with Dancingmoose (a staple since early high school) or Skinforhair (a christening from a college roommate)?

Also, Daniel's been working on my drywall the last couple of days. I'll try to take some pics tonight and post. (What?? Jer might actually move into his house??)

I Like Pie.

For those of you that don't know (and most don't), the phrase I sometimes use, "I like pie." comes from an old show called Ned and Stacy. In one of the final episodes of this two-season wonder, Ned rushes to Stacy's family Thanksgiving dinner to tell her he loves her after they've had a fight which finished with him yelling "GET OUT!!"

Ned gets to the house, and when the family asks if he has something he'd like to say, he looks at Stacy and says "GET OUT!!!.... I mean... i like pie."

Stupid, I know, but I always kinda liked it.

Don't watch this on a full stomach:

New look

I found this template online and am in the process of tweaking it to my liking... I still haven't found in the code where to push the comments back to the bottom of each post yet. I'm also thinking about making that "No Swimming" sign change daily or something. Whatcha think?