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Let's see, where was I?

So it was November that I posted that I would post more... and now it's January. Yay!

Well, what do you expect? My life is SO BORING that I don't even have anything to post about! But, after reading all my siblings' blogs, I decided that I am a major slacker and better put something on here.

Christmas was fun. I got a lot of new underwear and a nice jacket. It was fun to see the kids going nuts over presents (or wrapping paper, in Elizabeth's case) and just hang out together. I even went sledding with Laine and Wyatt.

Before Christmas, I was going through a rigorous interview process. One of my college friends is working for Cisco (Networking company, not food) in a program where you basically get paid to go to school for a year to get certifications, then the pay goes up and you work for another two years selling stuff. It was an awesome opportunity, but I was concerned about having to move to North Carolina and then who-knows-where for three years.

First I just sent in a resume, then there was a phone interview, then they flew me out to San Jose for the final part. In California, they had us give a 10 minute presentation, a 10 minute role-play where I tried to sell them something, and another interview. It was an all-day thing, and it wore me out. It was fun, though.

One of the things they had for us to do in between events was to visit the "Now Bus". It is a bus full of technology that they drive around the country to give presentations.

It looked pretty cool, the guys that drive it basically live in hotels and get 50 bucks per day for food. Sounds fun, but lonely.

The next couple of weeks, I'm doing some moosebutter shows. Should be fun.