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Happy Halloween!

Ok, as a disclaimer, I can't see out of my right eye at the moment, which makes reading text on the screen difficult. No making fun of my spelling (this means you, Joel!).

A couple of weeks ago, Mom, Dad, and I took my nieces and nephews to the Scarecrow Festival. While we were there, we got our faces painted, and the girl there did an awesome job of painting me up like the Joker. I decided to use that as my Halloween costume, instead of my traditional pirate.

So Joel and I hit up a bunch of thrift stores, found women's jackets to turn into green vests, and I bought a purple over-jacket. Daniel came over and helped me get a wig ready. Using some YouTube videos and pictures of Heath Ledger, I practiced doing the makeup a few times, and put everything together. I used some stuff called Rigid Collodial to do the scars, it's awesome.

Now, I also had to go pick up my first pair of contacts this morning. I put on everything but the makeup and the wig (I had the scars) and went. While the woman there was showing me how to put the lenses in, she had to go help with a fussy kid. Apparently she didn't wash all the dilating solution off, and it got in my right contact....

So I get home, and one eye is HUGE compared to the other. (This is why I can barely see out of it). It's nice and creepy, though, and most people notice something is wrong with my eyes, but can't tell what unless I point it out.

I put on the rest of the makeup and headed to work, where we have our annual costume contest. Unfortunately, I lost the $200 prize by ONE vote. To these guys.

(They're bee henchmen from the cartoon "The Venture Bros")

Oh well, I still have the best costume I've ever done. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Tagged again

I'm sure Christa tagged me because I never update this thing, but here we go...

8 Favorite TV shows:
1. The Office
2. Heroes
3. Mythbusters
4. Futurama
5. Scrubs
6. House
7. Monk
8. Law & Order (any variant)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Wendy's (fast food counts, dangit)
2. Panda Express
3. The Melting Pot (mostly for dessert)
4. Cafe Rio (go go Pork Barbacoa!)
5. Gandolfo's
6. Spaghetti Mama's
7. Denny's (at 3 am)
8. Subway

8 things that happened yesterday:

1. I slept through my alarm
2. I bought an eyepatch to add to my perpetual pirate costume
3. I convinced the CEO to buy me a new iPod cable, since he stole mine
4. I spent 2 hours at lunch watching "The Office" with my team
5. I watched 3 new episodes of Red vs Blue
6. I couldn't see Heroes on Monday, but I recorded it, so I watched that.
7. At night, I record songs myself on my computer. It's a little lame, but I have fun arranging stuff. I finished the last verse backup vocals to "Tongue Tied".
8. I couldn't sleep, so I watched Donnie Darko on demand until about 2am

(wow, there's a lot of "I watched" in there... how exciting am I?)

8 things to look forward to:

1. Cali trip in November. Booked tickets today!
2. Getting my own home
3. Cancun in January, if certain people don't wimp out on me
4. Getting off the IT team completely
5. Being debt-free
6. Finding a girl who can stand me enough to want to marry me
7. Taking a couple days off next week "just because"
8. Kids. I freaking love my nieces and nephews and can't wait to really grow up and have my own.

8 things I love about Fall:

1. It's not hot, it's not cold. I love the temperature
2. Driving to work in the morning when it isn't dark, but it isn't bright
3. Football
4. Not minding having to wear shoes instead of flip-flops
5. Using my heated seats in my car
6. New seasons of my favorite shows
7. I usually do some kind of "fall cleaning", usually because I'm too busy in spring
8. Dressing up like a pirate every stinking Halloween :)

8 things on my wishlist:

1. '69 Stingray Corvette
2. A new desk chair. This one is falling apart.
3. A recording studio
4. The girl mentioned above
5. A monkey butler
6. To find my fondue pot
7. More hard drive space for my movies. (I've almost filled up my terabyte!)
8. Jenna Fischer (take THAT, Christa!)

I'm not gonna do the second tag just now. (hey, why waste another post?)
OK.... Jim/Marie, Amy, Loni, Luke.. I dub thee "tagged"