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Comments from friends and family

Around February: Hey, are you still dating that girl? You should blog about it or something

May-ish: Sorry to hear about your breakup. What's new? You haven't posted in a while...

June: Nobody blogs anymore!

August: Hear you've got a new girlfriend! When do we get to meet her?

Late October: Man, sucks that it didn't work out... you ready to start dating again?

Today: It's been almost 11 months since you've blogged. You could at least mention Vader.

So, 2010 in review: 2 short-term relationships. I ended one, I was just about ended by the other. So I got a dog. He's a miniature schnauzer, and I've named him Dog Vader, Dark Lord of the Chew Toys.I find your lack of treats disturbing.

I also ranked twice in Kung Fu. (have I even mentioned Kung Fu? I started going last December) I got my Gold (Metal) sash in April, and my Blue (Water) sash in August. I was awarded Most Outstanding Beginner student (beating the 300 pound guy and the dude who never shows up). I'm also the only Hsing-I student there, so I get quite the unique experience.

Here's little Vader..Why are you taking pictures instead of drying me off?


JonAli said...

The first picture of Vader cracks me up :)

Clem&Anne said...

about time you updated your blog. Are you dating anyone?

Anonymous said...

vader rocks